Leak Detection Correlators

AC Digital Correlator   

The new AC Digital combines the power, graphics and ease of use of a PC based leak noise correlator with the portability and durability of a ruggedized handheld control unit.

TriCorr Touch

The system is easy to use, rugged and yet compact, with all components supplied in a single carry case

DigiCALL +

The DigiCALL+ correlator enhances the features of the DigiCALL which was produced to satisfy the demands of users who liked the idea of having a correlator that worked through a PC interface.


The new Soundsens “i” system of correlating loggers and the latest software has been designed for high performance, versatility and speed of operations in the field.

Accoustic Leak Noise Logging

Permalog +

Permalog enables water suppliers to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in the water network. 

Leak Detection Products and Services

Carolina Meter & Supply offers the world's leading water loss management and leak detection technologies through Fluid Conservation Systems (FCS) state-of-the-art equipment and telemetry systems. These systems provide water system managers the tools to proactively locate water system leakage, reduce leak run times and speed repairs. Utility and leak detection crews can utilize these user-friendly systems to continuously monitor for leaks or make rapid deployments in response to emergency, high-profile leaks. Proactive and systematic leak detection programs greatly reduce supply-side water loss while improving overall infrastructure integrity. Likewise, a significant return-on-investment can be realized through reduced repair costs, efficient use of labor and materials and water conservation.

Our comprehensive line of water leak detection technologies includes: digital, real-time correlators - for pinpointing leak location; leak noise data loggers - for leak surveys or continuous water system monitoring; and advanced microphone systems for leak sounding and confirmation. We also offer an array of flow monitoring, pressure management, and metering solutions to help water system managers increase water efficiency and enhance utility revenues.

Legislation Regarding Leak Detection

Drought Bill SL 2008-143

DENR Guidance for Leak Detection Repair

DWSRF Checklist for Water Loss Reduction

Ground Microphones


The Lmic is an easy-to-use, low cost, electronic listening stick and ground microphone combined. It is ideal for general leak sounding operations and can be fitted with either a tripod foot (for use as a ground microphone) or probe rods (for sounding at fittings or in soft ground).


Xmic is an advanced, yet easy to use electronic ground microphone. It is designed to amplify the noise generated by water escaping from buried supply pipes under pressure.


An operator using the S30 can listen at various contact points (valves, hydrants etc) to determine whether or not the pipe is leaking.